Veterans’ NHS Wales




They have a vast range of service for veterans of military service.

They offer psychological therapy to veterans, reservists and serving personnel awaiting discharge (with a set date of discharge) who have a mental health problem directly related to their military service.

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This may include trauma symptoms related to active service. They will see veterans with issues related to bullying or assault within the military. They may see veterans who have difficulties related to RTA’s or work place or training accidents related to their role within the military. They may also see veterans who were unwillingly discharged from the military and find civilian life deeply unsatisfying and have become depressed. They will see non-UK veterans if they served in ‘coalition’ armed forces.

Since April 2017 they have designated CAIS ,Change Step, peer mentors attached to the service. Their role is to engage the veteran, assist with any social needs and to support them in improving their level of coping and functioning.